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Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

When you use the Service, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. Please be sure to carefully read and fully understand the content of each clause, especially the clauses that exclude or limit liability.
If you do not agree to the TOS, or if you do not accurately understand the TOS in its entirety, please do not proceed with subsequent operations.

I. Services

The services provided by this platform include but are not limited to:
Provide webpage change alert service, including but not limited to webpage content change alert, keyword appearance alert, etc.

II. Laws and regulations

As the platform is not aware of the laws and regulations of each country and whether the links you enter are allowed to be crawled regularly, you need to ensure that you comply with the laws and regulations of your country and mainland China, as well as the user agreement of the provider of the monitored pages.
All timed monitor actions on this platform are submitted by the individual or organization to which the user account belongs, and all monitor tasks on this website shall be considered as the actions of the individual or organization of the user. The platform does not provide any specific scripts in advance for detecting specific web pages, and the platform does not assume joint and several responsibility for violations and misconducts by individual users or organizations.
If an individual user or organization has violated the law or any misconduct, the platform reserves the right to immediately stop the service, transfer the illegal account data to the public security authorities, and delete the account without refund or prior notice.

III. Refund policy.

Since the platform provides free points to accounts every month for you to pre-experience and test the effectiveness of the service, no refunds are allowed after you top up or redeem points.

IV. Service availability

The platform guarantees monthly availability >= 95%, i.e. monthly downtime is no more than 36 hours.
When the main URL of this service is temporarily unavailable, an alternate URL will be released through the official account. When both the main URL and the alternate URL are unavailable, it will be considered as down.
If the downtime in the previous month or the current month is longer than the above guarantee, users who have paid in the previous month or the current month can ask us to compensate you for the number of hours *3 that the downtime in the previous month or the current month exceeds 36 hours.
It is important to note that the above guarantees do not represent a guarantee of success for each web page detection or notification alert delivery.
The platform has used a combination of Amazon Cloud and AliCloud email delivery services to maximize email delivery rates.
Since the success of each web page detection depends on the configuration of the specific options and various factors, the platform cannot guarantee the success of each/every detection task, please use free points in advance to confirm that the platform can detect specific web pages.
And since some web pages may have a live detection mechanism, the success of this task does not mean that the next task will be successful, so please try to reduce the detection frequency.

V. Update of the Terms of Service

These Terms of Service may be updated by this website at any time, and the updated Terms of Service will replace the original Terms of Service once they are published without further notice, and users can review the latest version of the Terms of Service on this page.
If you do not agree with the updated terms, you should immediately stop using the platform services; if you continue to use the platform services, you are deemed to have accepted the changes to the platform terms of service.
If you would like to delete your account, please contact us by logging in and checking the contact information on the User Center - Redeem page.

VI. Special Reminder

Do not apply the services of the platform to important and special occasions, the services of the platform are limited to daily scenarios, and the platform is not responsible for any direct/indirect losses of any kind caused by the use of the services.

In case of inconsistency between the English version of the Terms of Service and the Chinese version of the Terms of Service, the Chinese version of the Terms of Service shall prevail.
If you have any other questions, please contact us by logging in and checking the contact information on the recharge page.